A Strong HR Compliance Program Begins Here

Custom employee handbook, HR policies, online training, and tracking all in one place. ComplyTrain simplifies your HR Compliance.



Track Legal Policies 

Your Federal and State HR policies can now be tracked online with ComplyTrain. Track policy consents, customize your employee handbook, and track all HR complaints. Remove the risks and hassles of managing printed HR compliance paperwork manually.

Launch HR Training

You need vital HR Compliance training for all your and employees and contractors. ComplyTrain trains and certifies your employees and managers on vital topics like Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Ethics, Code of Conduct, and more.

Impact Your Culture

Prioritize an inclusive, harassment-free workplace by building a Culture of Compliance.  With ComplyTrain, you demonstrate your core values and commitment to compliance and workplace safety. Reinforce your commitment through monthly min-lessons.

The average company spends $250K in employee lawsuit judgements, plus additional fines and legal fees.

ComplyTrain Has You Covered

No matter your company size, top employment attorneys recommend you prepare for employee issues like harassment, before they occur. Properly addressing this issue can build a safer workplace and limit your company's liability. 

The top 3 recommendations of employee attorneys are:

  1. Have a clear policy on harassment. 
  2. Train your managers and employees on what constitutes harassment.
  3. Provide an easy way to report harassment incidents.

ComplyTrain gives you all three - HR policies, training, and reporting. 

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Everyone Deserves a Chance to
Work in a Compliant Company

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For Startups

You've built a startup from the ground up. The last thing you need is an HR scandal to potentially wipe it out.

For Small Businesses

Your business is the backbone of our economy. Every dollar counts. You want to avoid payint costly  HR fines and judgements. 

For HR Managers / Office Managers

You are wearing multiple hats - hiring, recruiting, managing, and firing. You need a solution to effectively handle your HR Compliance needs.

For Coworking Spaces

Your coworking space should be a place for entrepreneurs to thrive. Make sure its a place where respect and safety are the norm.

For Partners

Your clients need your payroll, HR, insurance, or bookkeeping services.  Let us help protect them from HR Compliance nightmares.

For Enterprises

You need to build a culture of compliance like never before. Show your investors, employees, and customers your commitment.

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