What Policies and Training are Included within ComplyTrain?

Did you know that 6 out of 10 companies have faced an employee lawsuit in the last 5 years?* The fines and lawsuit judgments cost companies an average $250K per case.  Companies with NO way to track HR policies and training are at the highest risk of large payouts and fines.

The ComplyTrain solution was designed to provide Small Business and Startups with a complete HR Compliance system! Continue reading to find out what’s included in the solution.


You Need to Be Covered

You need a strong HR Compliance System to help protect your company from HR lawsuits and the resulting fines, judgements, negative publicity, loss of revenue, and legal fees.

ComplyTrain™ is a complete HR Compliance System, providing customized HR policy documents, compliance training, and HR Complaint Tracking all in one easy to use online system.  This is the FOUNDATION of your protection.


What’s Included in the ComplyTrain HR Compliance System? (Video)

Your company will receive access to the ComplyTrain Software portal with customized be HR Policies and Training.

The Employee Training and Policies you’ll have included are as follows:

  • Customized Employee Handbook (includes leave, vacation time, leave of absence, benefits, etc)
  • Code of Conduct & Ethics
  • Workplace Safety (includes Safety and Anti-violence)
  • Anti-Harassment and Discrimination
  • Cyber Security (includes phishing, information security awareness, data protection, email etiquette, and social media)


How do Leaders and Managers get Trained?

Each of your users will either be considered an Employee or Leader.

Leaders receive all of the training employees receive, plus additional training regarding Fair Hiring, Equal Pay, and what to do after a complaint is filed).


How We’re Different

What sets us apart from other firms is that we’re the only firm that we’re aware of that provides custom HR compliance policies and training together.

  • Some firms provide training but have no way to provide your company with the HR policies you need. That leaves companies with a high risk that their policies are outdated, or don’t sync with their training.
  • We provide unique training for both Employees and Leaders within your company.
  • There are no companies that we know of that provide HR Compliance and Policies, plus Cyber Security training in one software – for an amazing price point.
  • We are the only firm that we’re aware of that provides:
    • both State and Federal compliance policies and training.
    • an Independent Contractor module that provides policies and training specific for your independent contractors.
    • an HR Complaint Tracking System as a part of your HR Compliance software.
    • monthly compliance bites to help you build a culture of compliance and reinforce your program each month.
  • Our training is current, bite sized, and relevant. We stay away from dreaded role plays and stick to clean, informative, and straight forward training.
  • Our company is designed to help companies avoid the 5 major HR Pitfalls that plague small businesses.
  • We were founded to help companies build a culture of compliance with an easy to use system that can be launched in days instead of weeks!


ComplyTrain Software Portal

Upon request, you will be granted access to our ComplyTrain portal demo account to give you a view of how the portal works.

It’s user friendly, easy to use, and compatible with any device.

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How to Contact Us

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* Source: Employment Practice Liability: Jury Award Trends and Statistics 2013 Edition, Thompson Reuters.

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ComplyTrain is a proprietary cloud-based software platform that provides everything companies need to deploy a complete HR compliance program. We make HR Compliance assessible to every company, no matter the size. A rock solid HR compliance program helps companies build a compliant workforce, promoting workplace safety, inclusion, and unbias treatment, and helping avoid costly lawsuits, fines, and negative publicity from being sued. www.complytrain.com

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