How to Select Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment training is key for companies who want to increase awareness. In the past, startups and small businesses neglected sexual harassment training for their employees, becauase they felt they simply could not afford it. Actually, you can’t afford to be without it.

It’s evident that you need to train your employees on how to define, detect, and report sexual harassment, but what’s the best way to find approprioate training on the subject? 

Let’s explore.


Selecting Sexual Harassment Training


Sexual Harassment Training Options for Small-Medium sized Businesses

1. Create your own

Unless you have the time, resources, and budget to pull in HR, Legal, Instructional Design, eLearning Developers, Editors, Graphic Design, and a Learning Management System – then your’e not ready for this option.

Or – if you’re thinking about putting together a powerpoint and getting everyone together in the conference room – don’t do that. You want sexual harassment training that’s trackable and repeatable.

 2. Purchase off the shelf Sexual Harassment eLearning.

Many companies do this out of convenience – but there are drawbacks.

  • Off-the-shelf sexual harassment elearning often is designed with wordy definitions and that take the learner through countless screens of text. 
  • Online sexual harassment training can also be loaded with over the top, scripted role play scenarios. These role plays are often unrealistic, and feature plots with advice that doesn’t even line up the current federal or state employment laws. As a result, it’s usually best to stay away from role plays when shopping for online sexual harassment training.
  • But perhaps the biggest flaw with off the shelf sexual harassment training is that these courses are generic. They don’t directly address your company’s sexual harassment policy.

Therefore, they may do very little to protect your company in the event of a sexual harassment lawsuit.

There is a better way.

3. Customized Compliance Training designed to explain your Company’s policy

ComplyTrain provides custom Sexual Harassment training based on your company’s Sexual Harassment Policy.

Since we work to customize your policies – we include custom training with all of our ComplyTrain packages.

Now, small businesses and startups can have a strong compliance program in place without going to the web and purchasing generic off-the-shelf training.

ComplyTrain gives startups, small businesses  a complete, custom HR compliance program for a fraction of the cost of building it on their own.



Startups and small businesses need a strong HR Compliance Program where they can be proteced from expensive HR issues, and employees can feel safe in a workplace that prioritizes compliance policies, training, and reinforcement. 

A lack of HR Compliance means employees can easily be targeted and vulnerable to discrimination, sexual harassment, and other illegal practices, with little or no protection. For Employers, this absense of a compliance program often leads to costly lawsuits, fines, and negative publicity from being sued. It’s vital for every startup and small to medium sized business to build a culture of compliance within their organization.

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ComplyTrain is a proprietary cloud-based software platform that provides everything companies need to deploy a complete HR compliance program. We make HR Compliance assessible to every company, no matter the size. A rock solid HR compliance program helps companies build a compliant workforce, promoting workplace safety, inclusion, and unbias treatment, and helping avoid costly lawsuits, fines, and negative publicity from being sued.

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