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ComplyTrain STARTER


  • Up to 10 employees

ComplyTrain STANDARD


  • Up to 25 employees


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  • 50+ employees

Every package includes:

  • Compliance Risk Assessment Dashboard
  • Customized Employee Handbook with Policies
  • Attorney approved Federal HR Policies
  • Attorney approved State HR Policies (State of Headquarters)
  • Essential HR Compliance Training with Assessments 
  • Detailed online reporting and tracking of compliance program 
  • Compliance Mini-Lessons to reinforce your compliance program
  • Compliance Mini-Lessons can include: webinars, scenarios, videos, surveys and interactive exercise
  • Exclusive access to Legal. HR, and Insurance Resources
  • The ability to become a ComplyTrain certified Corporation (saving you 10% every month).

Pick  Your Add ons:


Add-on additional State specific HR Compliance policies. Each package already includes the State polices for the location of your headquarters. Add if you have employees in multiple States, include this Add-On.

+ $49/added State


If you use Independant Contractors, you need this add-on. Companies may be liable for the adverse actions of their contractors if the company is made aware of the issue and does not take the proper actions.

+ $69/mo. (10 consultants)


What happens when an employee has a complaint? Do you have a system to log and track the complaint, add notes, and track documents? This is a key module to help protect you in the event of litigation. 

+ $99/mo 

Get started for FREE. No credit card required.   Free trial includes 7 days access to the ComplyTrain online solution.   

Be Sure You're Covered

ComplyTrain provide essential HR Compliance policies and training to help companies build a culture of complaince. We've also partnered with providers of Employer Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) providers, who offer our cilents g up to $1 million of coverage.

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