Which Federal Discrimination Laws Apply To Your Small Business? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wonder which federal discrimination laws apply to your small business? Check out our FREE infographic that gives you a quick snapshot. Now is the perfect time to check your current HR policies and training to see if you’re covering the federal laws that apply to you.

Federal Discrimination Laws that Apply to Small Businesses

[INFOGRAPHIC] Based on the Number of Employees


Federal discrminition laws apply to companies with as little as one employee. It’s important to build a strong HR Compliance Program for your small business so it can be protected from expensive HR issues, and employees can feel safe in a workplace that prioritizes inclusion and compliance.  

A lack of HR Compliance means employees can easily be targeted and vulnerable to discrimination, sexual harassment, and other illegal practices, with little or no protection.

For Employers, this absence of a compliance program often leads to costly lawsuits, fines, and negative publicity from being sued. It’s vital for every startup and small to medium sized business to build a culture of compliance within their organization.

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