Why Companies Are Ditching Paper-Based HR Policies

Too many small businesses still rely on homegrown, paper-based systems to track HR polices and handbooks.  That’s because some small companies don’t think they can get free from the mounds of inefficient paperwork. Don’t let paper-based HR policies put your company at risk any longer. See why countless small businesses are moving to technology-based solutions to manage their HR Compliance. 

HR Compliance Is Key

Without compliance, businesses are at risk of fines, lawsuits, bankruptcy, and closure. Businesses who do not effectively manage risk or implement compliance policies are at risk of losing billions of dollars.

How You Manage HR Data and PaperWork is Also Key

Complying with various regulations requires the storage of a large amount of information. Many companies are still stuffing cabinets full of folders with documents and paperwork. With technology, much of that paperwork is now electronic. Tax forms, employee handbooks, disciplinary actions, health forms, and all other documentation can now be stored electronically.

This makes HR Compliance  much more organized and efficient. Electronic files are also easier to organize and search. Online compliance helps make reporting, tracking, and training, much easier to handle.

Who doesn't want to be more efficient?

Fight back from the loads of HR Compliance paperwork and regain your freedom.


It’s important to build a strong HR Compliance Program for your business. One where  technology  can help reduce your risk while managing HR data and documentation more efficiently.

Join the ComplyTrain movement and see how much easier it is to handle your HR Compliance. 

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ComplyTrain is a proprietary cloud-based software platform that provides everything companies need to deploy a complete HR compliance program. We make HR Compliance assessible to every company, no matter the size. A rock solid HR compliance program helps companies build a compliant workforce, promoting workplace safety, inclusion, and unbias treatment, and helping avoid costly lawsuits, fines, and negative publicity from being sued. www.complytrain.com

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