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You probably know that workplace sexual harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and bullying plague many of today's workplace cultures – from startups, to corporations, major news networks, movie studios, and so much more.

ComplyTrain was created to be a part of the solution.

Our platform includes provides companies with a proprietary HR Risk Assessment Dashboard, HR Policies developed by top Employment Attorneys - covering both Federal and State policies regarding Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Workplace Safety, and vital HR training for employees and leaders.

 Renee Barnes 



My passion is to help companies build a culture of compliance where every employee feels safe and is playing on an equal playing field. I believe that HR Compliance should not be a yearly event, but instead a foundational part of every company's culture. Think about it, should adhering to both State and Federal HR laws be viewed as optional or a nuisance? Instead, a compliant culture should be embraced and promoted for every company to succeed.

Throughout my years in IT and HR Training since the late 90's, I've worked with major companies such as Coca-Cola, IBM, Home Depot, Warner Brothers, AOL, Pixia, Aflac, and so many more. The best company cultures are always the ones that promote inclusivity, safetly, and respect for all employees and customers. My goal is to make this a reality for every ComplyTrain customer.

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What We're About

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Integrity – honesty in how we work and all we say and do
Teamwork – we all succeed together
Excellence – service and products we are proud to stand behind
Creativity – planning and executing forward thinking and innovative solutions
Respect – we treat others better than we expect to be treated
Fun – whatever we do, make it fun!


Looking for an awesome company who values its employees? You've certainly found an excellent choice in ComplyTrain. If you believe that every employee deserves to work in a safe, compliant work culture - then you're in the right place. We are on a mission to impact companies and their employees - to make their workplace safe, inclusive, and compliant.

We value our employees and are looking for team members who hold the same values as we do. Work hard to play hard. You’ll find a home with ComplyTrain, if you’re looking to make a difference and help us impact startups, small businesses, and companies across the U.S.

We’re always looking for hard working, top talent professionals.

Our Story

ComplyTrain was created in response to an HR Compliance industry that has historically favored large companies with extensive HR and legal teams. There wasn’t a strong solution for startups or small to medium sized businesses, who are actually most at risk. These businesses care just as much about their employees, and desire to build a strong HR compliance program – but many didn’t know where to begin.

Traditionally, building a compliance program involved hiring a legal team to write 5-10 HR policies, creating custom human resources training program, and deploying HR software – all of which takes extensive time and money.

That’s why we created ComplyTrain. So that startups, small businesses, and medium-sized companies can all benefit from a strong HR compliance program without the hassle. Because HR Compliance is so vital to the success of the company, it can no longer be exclusive to large company.

We believe that a strong HR Compliance program benefits everyone. Companies reduce their risks of expensive HR compliance issues like lawsuits, fines, and large payouts; while employees flourish in a safe, compliant workplace. 

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