A Strong HR Compliance Program Begins Here

ComplyTrain helps protect your company from costly HR lawsuits and large payouts, while helping you build a strong culture of compliance.




Assess your risks for HR compliance issues with our proprietary solution, and reduce your risks of employee complaints, fines, lawsuits, legal fees, and negative publicity.


Consent to HR Policies and certify your Leaders and Employees in vital topics like Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Ethics, Code of Conduct, and more.


Build and maintain a Culture of Compliance  with monthly mini-lessons that reinforce the policies and training. Solidify you ongoing committment to a compliant workforce.

The average company spends $250K in employee lawsuit judgements, plus additional fines and legal fees.

The Solution - A Complete System

ComplyTrain helps reduce the high risk of HR compliance fines and lawsuit judgements with a complete HR Compliance System - perfect for startups, small business, and medium-sized companies who need to build a culture of compliance. Our solution provides a proprietary HR Risk Assessment Dashboard, a custom Employee Handbook with attorney approved HR policies, and essential HR compliance training and tools. 

Your investors and shareholders will sleep better, and your employees will take pride in being a part of a safe and compliant culture.

What you Need to Know about HR Compliance

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Everyone Deserves a Chance to
Work in a Compliant Company

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For Startups

You've built a startup from the ground up. The last thing you need is an HR scandal to potentially wipe it out.

For Small Businesses

Your business is the backbone of our economy. Every dollar counts. You want to avoid payint costly  HR fines and judgements. 

For HR Managers / Office Managers

You are wearing multiple hats - hiring, recruiting, managing, and firing. You need a solution to effectively handle your HR Compliance needs.

For Coworking Spaces

Your coworking space should be a place for entrepreneurs to thrive. Make sure its a place where respect and safety are the norm.

For Partners

Your clients  need your payroll, HR, insurance, or bookkeeping services.  Let us help protect them from HR Compliance nightmares.

For Enterprises

You need to build a culture of compliance like never before. Show your investors, employees, and customers your commitment.

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